Face & Neck Lift


As we age, our skin becomes more lax and our age begins to show with sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. Combat signs of aging and restore your youthful appearance with a face and neck lift procedure from Dr. S Alexander Earle at Pure Plastic Surgery


A facelift, otherwise known as rhytidectomy, is a procedure that creates a more youthful facial appearance by smoothing and firming the skin. A facelift tightens the areas of the face and neck that are especially prone to the aging process. This is done by moving the facial tissues to a more favorable location and typically involves the excision of some excess facial skin. Face and neck lifts can help you to look up to a decade younger. With a skilled surgeon, your face and neck will look completely natural, but you will appear refreshed. Though we cannot stop the natural aging process, this procedure helps to turn back the time a bit so you can continue to look younger.


You want to restore your youthful appearance. Aging affects everyone, but it doesn’t affect us all at the same rate. If you feel, looking in the mirror, that sagging facial skin, jowls, and wrinkles are making you look older than you are, a facelift could change that. An expertly performed facelift will help you look your best and reverse many of the effects of gravity & aging by this rejuvenating procedure. 


During an initial consultation with your doctor, you can discuss your goals, concerns, and options so that you get the best results possible. You and your doctor will work together to make sure that you are ready for your face and neck lift. They will go over the procedure and healing time in detail so that you feel comfortable and knowledgeable. It is important to follow any instructions they give you so that you can get the best results. Since this is a complex surgery, you will need to have someone take you home and help you during your recovery time.


Following your face and neck lift, you’ll see an immediate improvement in your chin, jawline, and cheeks.

The face and neck lift are very complex procedures that should only be done by a highly trained, extremely skilled surgeon. You should seek out a doctor who has been trained in and has complete knowledge of the underlying facial structures to make sure that you can obtain the most natural-appearing results. We will work with you to give you the best results possible and restore confidence in you.


Swelling and bruising is normal and will improve in two to three weeks. Sutures are usually removed by postoperative day seven to ten. Clients should be able to return to work in one week and should avoid heavy physical exertion for six weeks. A thorough explanation will be given in the consultation to ensure all your questions are answered and you feel confident and excited about your restorative operation.



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