Smoother Skin, Minimal Downtime

Cellulite can be famously frustrating, especially when no amount of diet or exercise seems to get rid of it. Cellulite is a natural product of the female body, but you don’t have to live with it. Avéli is a new cellulite treatment at Pure Plastic Surgery that can help smooth the skin and help you feel confident in any situation or outfit.

What is Avéli?

Avéli is a new FDA-cleared, minimally-invasive treatment designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Although many products and treatments promise to get rid of dimples in areas like the butt or thighs, Avéli can produce long-term results with a single treatment. In fact, it’s one of the most effective options available for achieving smoother, dimple-free skin.

Am I A Candidate?

The best candidates for Avéli are patients who are at or near their ideal weight and have good skin elasticity (i.e., no sagging skin or laxity). You may not be a good candidate if you’ve had liposuction on the treatment area before. You should be in overall good health and able to take 1-2 weeks away from intensive activity. During a consultation with our double board-certified plastic surgeons, our team led by Dr. S. Alexander Earle and Dr. Natalia Vidal Laureano will determine if Avéli is the best option for your cosmetic goals.

How Does It Work?

Cellulite is caused by fibrous bands that tether the skin to the deeper tissues. Between the skin and the deeper tissues exists subcutaneous fat. When the fat pushes the skin outward, the fibrous bands pull it down, creating dimples we recognize as cellulite. Avéli works by releasing these bands through tiny insertion points, smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of dimples. This quick in-office procedure can be performed using local anesthetic, after which you can return home.


It can take a few weeks before your final results begin to become noticeable. Within 1-2 months, you’ll enjoy drastic improvement in the appearance of your treatment area with smoother skin and a firmer look. You can expect long-term results with Avéli as long as you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.


Some swelling and bruising can be expected for the first few days, and our team will give you detailed instructions on the best way to manage side effects. You may also have some soreness when you sit down. You should avoid exercise and strenuous activity during the first 1-2 weeks, especially lower body exercises. We strongly recommend avoiding sun exposure for the first month and wearing SPF 30+ daily on your treatment area.

Schedule a Consultation

Avéli is an exciting new option for patients struggling with cellulite. To meet with our team and learn more, contact Pure Plastic Surgery by calling or filling out our online form.



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