Eyelid Surgery


If your eyelids are droopy or heavy, it can cause issues beyond just cosmetic concerns. Not only do you look constantly tired, but it can negatively impact your vision. Thanks to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. S. Alexander EarlePure Plastic Surgery offers eyelid surgery that can help improve the appearance and functionality of your eyelids.


Eyelid surgery (known as blepharoplasty), removes loose, sagging skin or fat deposits in the upper or lower eyelids. The result is a rejuvenation of the eyes, which appear to open wider, and look more rested and youthful. Eyelid surgery not only helps your eyes to look cosmetically better, but it can also improve the functionality of the eyes. Sagging skin on the eyelids can start to obstruct your vision, but by removing the puffiness and tightening up the skin, you will be able to see clearly again.


The best way to know if you would benefit from eyelid surgery is by meeting with an experienced surgeon during a personal consultation. This way they can examine the skin around your eyes and go over your goals with you to understand what change is needed. This surgery is great if you want to restore your youthful appearance. Also, if you have sagging or puffy eyelids, they can age your appearance and obstruct your vision. Expertly crafted eyelid surgery can restore the youthful glow to your face and boost your confidence.


The satisfaction of your eyelid surgery is heavily reliant on the communication between you and your doctor. During the initial consultation, you will discuss your desired results, concerns, and what option is the best for you. The doctor will go over the procedure and downtime in detail so that you feel prepared. You can look at before and after images so that you can see what results are possible. It is important that you follow the directions of your doctor as well when leading up to eyelid surgery.


Patients can expect to see improvement in the droopiness of their eyelids, as well as a more refreshed appearance.


Post-surgery, you will keep your head elevated as much as possible for the first few days to decrease swelling. Lubricating eye drops are also used. Some swelling and bruising may occur and will improve in two to three weeks. You should be able to return to work in one to two weeks and should avoid heavy physical exertion for six weeks.



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