Face & Body Contouring

Minimally-Invasive Face & Body Contouring/Skin Tightening 

Remove fat and tighten skin simultaneously with BodyTite, a face & body contouring procedure that combines minimally-invasive liposuction with radiofrequency therapy.

How does BodyTite work?

BodyTite works in conjunction with liposuction to actively remove fat from the body and tighten skin, but it doesn’t come with the same lengthy recovery time nor does it require complex face & body-contouring surgery techniques. BodyTite relies on radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis, also known as RFAL. It liquefies the fat as it’s removed while simultaneously tightening the skin to prevent sagging once the fat has been removed.

It can be performed under local or general anesthesia.  Face & body contouring results can often be seen as early as two weeks after the procedure, but final results including skin contraction will often take three to six months after treatment concludes.

Am I a good candidate for BodyTite?

BodyTite is a body contouring procedure that is best for people that want soft-tissue tightening without the desire for surgery or scars. It also comes with less downtime and a shorter recovery period. Some ideal conditions where BodyTite can be recommended include:

  • You have mild sagging skin that you want to tighten
  • You have pockets of fat that are difficult to get rid of
  • You have mild gynecomastia and would prefer to avoid surgery
  • You’re close to your ideal weight and in good health

If you have an autoimmune disease, are pregnant or breastfeeding then BodyTite is not recommended. If you have significant skin laxity, there may be other body contouring procedures that are more effective.

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What treatment options are available?


BodyTite is a body contouring procedure that removes fat and tightens skin simultaneously with radiofrequency assisted lipolysis. It is mainly used for the body.


FaceTite is a more precise version of BodyTite that is used for the face and neck. It can remove small pockets of fat without large scars or downtime.


AccuTite is designed to work on the face and neck like FaceTite, but can also work on smaller areas to deliver precision body contouring.


Morpheus8 is the first and only full-body fractional technology with penetration of up to 4000 microns. It’s perfect for small areas such as the face and neck. How long does a typical treatment take?

Each area takes roughly 20 minutes to treat. With multiple areas to treat, a body contouring appointment can average between one to three hours.

What results will I see?

In most cases, BodyTite results in up to 45% contraction of soft tissue for a firm and contoured appearance. BodyTite body contouring results will last for years if you manage to maintain your weight within 5 to 10 pounds.

Is there any downtime?

You can expect a downtime of around 3 to 5 days, though this can vary depending on the areas that you wish to treat. However, exercise is not recommended until 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure.

Face & Body Contouring

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