South Beach Butt Lift (SOBEBL)


“The South Beach Butt Lift (SoBeBL) is a liposuction with fat transfer to buttock and hips procedure that has been designed to reveal almost no scarring, allowing patients to wear revealing clothing without fear of people seeing surgery scars. With a SoBeBL it may not appear that the patient had surgery at all due to the hidden incisions and natural enhancement according the unique and specific patient foundation.

The procedure is performed through minimal tiny incisions instead of the multiple incisions used in a standard Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). The incisions are few and hidden, this version of the procedure leaves almost no trace.  Also, the result is an enhanced natural result where the new shape is created according to the patient’s unique foundation with smooth curves and seamless transitions.”


Before undergoing a South Beach Butt Lift, make sure that you have a consultation with our trained surgeon to discuss all the details of the procedure. You may have some worries about undergoing a procedure that will dramatically enhance your buttocks, but your surgeon will help explain and calm any worries you may have.

At your consultation, you’ll learn what to expect during your procedure and you’ll learn what your expected outcome will be. You’ll be given a chance to examine before and after photos. Your doctor will also take measurements and discuss what is bothering you about your procedure.

In addition, you will also want to bring the following to your consultation:

  • Your complete health history information
  • A list of questions and concern about your procedure


Before you have a SoBeBL procedure, you’ll want to do the required prep work:

  • Book a consultation with your surgeon
  • Take care of having a physical with your primary care physician to ensure you’re cleared for surgery
  • For optimal results, finish having children before undergoing a butt lift procedure
  • Be at your desired weight
  • Right before your procedure, pack a bag to bring with you to surgery
  • Find childcare for during your surgery and recovery time
  • Choose someone to drive you to and from surgery and stay with you for at least 24 hours while your recover

You will have directions to follow prior to your surgery. this may include:

  • Avoiding aspirin for the weeks prior to surgery
  • Not eating after midnight
  • Washing with a special surgical soap
  • Abstaining from smoking in the weeks before surgery
  • On the day of your surgery, your procedure will take place in an outpatient surgery center.

On the day of your butt augmentation, you’ll first meet with your anesthesiology team to discuss the right methods for your pain management. You will be given general anesthesia to avoid any pain during surgery. Your surgeon will begin with liposuction of the areas of your body where fat can be collected. Then, your fat will be put in a special cannula to be added into the buttocks. At the end of the surgery, sutures or dissolvable stitches will be placed. Once complete, you’ll be moved to a recovery area and monitored as you prepare for recovery.


Combining a South Beach Butt Lift with other surgical procedures such as a tummy tuck is not recommended. The recovery can be more difficult when those procedures are combined because patients have to avoid putting both their abdomen or buttocks in a position that may compromise results. Also, Florida restricts the amount of fat removal during a single surgery to 1 liter, which limits potential results for both procedures. It is usually better to space those procedures apart by 3 to 4 months. You can discuss your options during your consultation.


You will love the results of a SoBeBL where you’ll find your backside more toned, shaped, and full of volume. You will have a follow-up with your doctor during your first week after surgery. Since your body will naturally absorb some of the added fat, you may see a decrease in volume as the years go by and may need to do a follow-up procedure.


After your surgery, you’ll be rolled to recovery and monitored as your anesthesia wears off. Your care nurse will give you special instructions for your care after the surgery.

You’ll be given special instructions for your recovery that include staying off of your butt for at least six weeks. While at home, you’ll have a special pillow to sit on that will help you heal and keep your new fat intact. You’ll have bruising, pain, and swelling after surgery which will take a few weeks to go down.

After your surgery, you’ll want to monitor for various side effects that can occur after one of the procedures such as a SoBeBL:

  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • The signs of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • The signs of pulmonary embolism which include pain in the chest and trouble breathing
  • Bleeding or Infection at the incision site
  • Fever
  • Unusual drainage from any incision sites
  • A feeling that something isn’t right
  • Excessive pain, redness or swelling
  • Pain in other parts of the body
  • Incisions that don’t heal completely


How long does a SoBeBL last?

It takes about 4 months to see how much fat survives the transfer process. The fat cells that remain will be there permanently. You can prolong the results by avoiding weight fluctuations after surgery. Maintaining a consistent weight is optimal. Because the augmentation is created by your own fat cells, the results will change as your body changes.

Will I have visible scars from the procedure?

Scars after a SoBeBL are minimal. Liposuction incisions are extremely small and usually made in concealed areas. The fat removed by the liposuction procedure is then injected using special cannulas that don’t typically create scars.

How safe are SoBeBLs?

If you’ve spent any time researching BBLs in Florida, you have probably come across stories that make you think twice about the procedure. The procedure is very safe when performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Earle, who performs ultrasound-guided BBL and SoBeBL surgeries. During your consultation, Dr. Earle will clearly explain what happens during the procedure and how the technique he uses minimizes the risk of complications.

What’s the difference between ultrasonic SoBeBL and traditional BBL?

During a traditional BBL surgery, the surgeon works blindly when placing fat into the buttocks. Ultrasound imaging technology makes the procedure much safer. The ultrasound creates images where Dr. Earle can see the gluteal anatomy and make sure he’s placing the fat in optimal safe locations, avoiding blood vessels or other important structures. Additionally, using ultrasound imaging Dr. Earle views the tissues and structures on a screen in real-time. This technology prevents surgeons from going too deep into the gluteal muscle, which can disrupt large vessels and can cause fat embolism.

Do you still have cellulite after South Beach Butt Lift surgery?

A BBL or SoBeBL are not designed to address cellulite. If you’re concerned about cellulite, we offer a breakthrough injectable treatment called QWO®.

Does a SoBeBL make your butt softer?

During the initial healing stages, you might notice your butt feels firmer because of residual swelling. As this resolves, the skin becomes more relaxed and the buttocks begin to feel more natural and soft.



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