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What Happens During a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most popular body cosmetic procedures on the market because of its minimally-invasive techniques and great results. Previously, buttock implants were the primary choice for buttock augmentation, but some patients prefer natural alternatives. That’s one of the reasons a Brazilian butt lift is so popular, especially in Miami. If you’re considering a Brazilian butt lift, it’s important to know each different step that occurs during the surgery. Here’s what to expect during this procedure.


The Brazilian butt lift begins with liposuction on an area of the body with substantial fatty tissue. This requires a small incision through which a surgical cannula can be inserted. This helps break up the fatty tissue using a gentle sweeping motion, after which it can be removed with a vacuum. Some of the most common areas for liposuction are the abdomen and flanks.

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Pure’s goal is to give people a chance to make smart choices that lead to the results that will empower and inspire them to reach their dreams. Pure is led by Dr. S. Alexander Earle, who performs a wide range of procedures with an incredibly high rate of customer satisfaction.


Once the fatty tissue is collected and prepared, it’s injected into the buttocks using precisely-measured injections to create your ideal results. To protect your safety, Dr. Earle uses real-time ultrasound to guide the fat injections and ensure safe fat placement. (Learn more about why ultrasound makes BBL surgery safer in our ultrasound-guided BBL video and our related blog post.) Usually, more fat than necessary is injected since not all of the tissue will survive the process. Once this is complete, you’ll be fitted with a special compression garment to aid blood flow.


After surgery and a brief monitoring period, you can return home. You’ll be given specific instructions to follow in the days and weeks following your surgery. You can expect some swelling at your incision sites, and you’ll be prescribed medications to help manage discomfort. You should avoid sitting directly on your buttocks and will be given a specialized pillow to sit on during your recovery. Over time, your final results will emerge as swelling subsides and the fatty tissue settles into its new location.

Brazilian Butt Lift Miami

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The Brazilian Butt Lift is an excellent option for enhancing your figure with the help of a board-certified plastic surgeon. To get started, contact our office by calling or filling out our online form. During a consultation here at Pure Plastic Surgery, we can discuss your best options and create the ideal body contouring procedure for you.

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