Pre-Op Instructions


Before Your Surgery

1. Please STOP all estrogen-based products 30 days prior to the surgery date. Estrogen ORAL (by mouth) birth control, estradiol, estrogen creams, and estrogen injections. If you are unsure what oral birth control you have, please contact your gynecologist to confirm.

2. DO NOT take Excedrin, Alka Seltzer, Goody’s powder, Aspirin, Naproxen, Aleve, Motrin, Midol, Ibuprofen, Advil, or any NSAID type medication 2 weeks prior to surgery and 2 weeks after surgery.

a. These medications all cause bleeding which causes complications during and after surgery.

3. DO NOT take Vitamin E or any other “natural” vitamins or medications weeks before surgery. Some examples include Gingko Biloba, St. John’s Wort, or Ginseng. NO Herbalife products 3 weeks before surgery.

a. These medications cause bleeding and must be avoided.
Please let us know if you are interested in a multivitamin that does not cause bleeding and we can make a recommendation.

b. You are allowed to use iron before surgery.

4. DO NOT take any stimulant type medications or any “workout” or “pre-workout” medications for 3 weeks prior to surgery. Examples include pre-workout stimulant drinks, creatine powders, ephedrine, hydroxycut or any other “weight loss” type of medication. DO not take any herbal teas!

5. PLEASE take you regularly scheduled prescribed medications by your doctor with a sip of water the morning of surgery.

a. PLEASE take beta blockers the morning of surgery as usually prescribed by your doctor. Examples include metoprolol, labetalol, etc.

b. DO NOT take ACE inhibitors (lisinopril, captopril, etc) or other types of blood pressure medications the morning of surgery

6. YOU MUST arrange to have a responsible adult over the age of 18 to drive you home after surgery. If you do not then we will cancel the surgery. You cannot take a taxi or an Uber/Lyft after your surgery!

7. YOU MUST have lab work done within 45 days of your surgery.

a. You must get a medical clearance from your primary care provider.

a. If you do not provide us with the medical clearance in a timely fashion your surgery may be canceled.

8. Please call the office before surgery if you develop any signs of an infection. These can include burning on urination, urinary hesitancy/urgency/frequency (signs of UTI). Any coughing, sneezing, runny nose, chest congestion, sinus/ear pressure (signs of an upper respiratory infection). Any diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, or abdominal pain (gastroenteritis symptoms).

9. SMOKING, consuming nicotine in any form, or the use of unauthorized medications will jeopardize the results of your operation. SMOKING can cause wounds to separate causing widened and thickened scars, skin necrosis, blood clots, and other complications. You are not allowed to smoke for 4 weeks before surgery and 4 weeks afterward. If you test positive for nicotine at pre-op your surgery will be canceled. 

10. SUN exposure will cause scarring of your wounds after surgery. You CANNOT be exposed to direct sunlight (which includes a tanning booth) for 8 weeks after surgery. Wounds must be covered during the 8 weeks after surgery.

a. If you plan direct sun exposure after surgery you MUST use SUNSCREEN SPF 50 or greater and reapply every hour.

b. You must use sunscreen on all wounds if there is any risk for sun exposure for 1 year after surgery.

11. WEIGHT GAIN will increase your risk of surgery and can cause an unfavorable aesthetic result. If you gain more than 5 lbs between the time the surgeon evaluated you and the day of your actual surgery the procedure may be canceled.

a. *This rule does not apply for those patients requested to gain weight for other reasons.

b. If your BMI is > 30 you are at risk for complications under surgery and your surgery can be canceled.

c. Click here to calculate your BMI

12PLEASE consume at least 8-10 glasses of water during the two days leading up to your surgery. This will improve your hydration and improve your recovery after surgery.

13. PLEASE wash yourself daily the 5 days prior to surgery with HIBICLENS(chlorhexidine) soap or Dial Antibacterial Soap that you can purchase at any pharmacy.

a. Visit this link for a coupon:

b. Hibiclens will reduce your chances of an infection after surgery.

14. You will need a prescription for nasal MUPIROCIN that you are to use5 days before surgery as well. This will reduce your risk of infection. If you do not live in Miami, FL you can ask your primary care doctor for a prescription for nasal mupirocin.

The Day of Surgery

1. If you take prescribed beta-blocker antihypertensive medications please take them the morning of surgery with a sip of water.

2. DO NOT take an ACE Inhibitor (lisinopril, captopril, etc…) or an Angiotensin Receptor Blocking medication (losartan, Avapro, Benicar, etc…) the morning of surgery.

3. DO not take any diabetes medications once you have stopped eating after midnight the night before surgery.

4. You must arrive at the time instructed for your surgery. If you are late, you will be assessed a $175 fee for every hour or fraction of an hour that you are late.

5. YOU MUST arrange for someone older than 18 years-old to pick you up and stay at home with you the evening after surgery.If you do not have a responsible adult to stay with you the first evening, your surgery will be canceled.

6. Please do not wear any makeup or jewelry. This includes removing any piercings. It also includes removing any acrylic nails in order to be able to safely monitor your oxygen saturation under anesthesia.

After Surgery

1. PLEASE START WALKING IMMEDIATELY upon arrival to your home the afternoon /evening of surgery. You must start to get out of bed and walk immediately to reduce the chances of developing a blood clot in your legs that can travel to your heart/lungs and be potentially fatal.

2. Please resume your blood pressure medication after surgery and take it as usual.

3. DO NOT travel outside of Miami, FL for 5-7 days after surgery. Doing so will put you at an unnecessarily increased risk of developing a blood clot that can travel to your heart/lungs and be potentially fatal.

a. When you go back home after waiting the full 5 days after surgery you MUST stand and walk once every hour while on ANY form of transportation. That means if you are driving you must stop the car and walk every hour on the ride home.

b. If you decide to travel before the 5 days of surgery your operation will be canceled.

c. If you travel before the 5 days without the knowledge of the surgeon you are assuming all risks which can include but are not limited too, blood clots, stroke, heart attack and possible death.

4. NO lifting of any objects > 5 pounds for the first 6 weeks after surgery.

5. NO bending at the waist or performing chores at home to include emptying the dishwasher, bending over to fold laundry, using a mop/vacuum/broom, straining to reach an object overhead in a cabinet, etc…Please use common sense and do not perform any vigorous movement or activity for 6 weeks. After the 6 weeks, you can be cleared for activity after discussion with your surgeon’s office.

6. DO NOT shower or wet any of your wounds for  24 hours after your operation. Once 24 hours have passed you can gently shower your wounds and clean them with warm soap and water ONLY.

a.  DO NOT rub your wounds aggressively and do not remove any steri strips (if they were used for your particular surgery).

7. DO NOT apply any creams, antibacterial products/ointments, scar creams, or any natural remedies (ex: arnica) on your wounds until the surgeon has allowed you to do so and has examined all of your wounds.

8. DO NOT soak your wounds in any body of water to include: pool, bathtub, ocean/beach, jacuzzi, hot tub, or even expose yourself to a sauna for 6 weeks after surgery!!!

9. Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes that do not require lifting your arms above your head to put on clothing. This will decrease the chances of stretching and disrupting your healing wounds.

a. Liposuction patients ALL require compression garments to be worn for at minimum one month but preferably 6 weeks after surgery 23 hours a day (we will let you know more details during your follow-up visits). After 6 weeks, you can use the compression garments for 12 hours a day for another 6 more weeks. After that, use the garment as needed.

b. Drainage and lymphatic massages are encouraged. At a minimum 10 massages are recommended during the first 3 weeks post-op for all liposuction surgery patients. Then continue as needed to decrease inflammation and prevent fibrosis.

10. For face procedures: NO makeup, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, etc for 4 weeks after surgery.

a. Facelift patients must avoid placing any jewelry on their neck or ears until having seen the surgeon.

b. You must avoid any and all sun exposure until cleared by the surgeon.

Pre-Operative Medical Clearance

Pure Plastic Surgery believes our patient’s health is our number one priority. The following tests are required for your safety. Please make sure to have these tests done 45-30 days prior to your scheduled surgery date.

I. Labs

  1. Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  2. Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
  3. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
  4. Coagulation panel (PT/PTT)
  5. Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  6. Chest X-ray
  7. Serum HCG pregnancy testing
  8. All diabetic patients require a Hemoglobin A1C level (HgbA1c)

II. Medical Clearance Letter

  1. A medical doctor must perform a history and physical exam within 45 days of your surgery date and send us a letter that states you are a candidate for the surgical procedure you are going to undergo. The doctor must state your risk for surgery (low, moderate or high risk).

III. Breast Surgery

  1. Patients over the age of 40 years old require a mammogram within the year of their scheduled surgery date.
  2. For patients under the age of 40 years old with a family history or personal history diagnostic testing will be required.

IV. Further Testing

  1. Our surgeons reserve the right to require additional testing as needed based on your medical history and the results of the tests listed above. We urge you to get your tests as soon as possible to avoid any delays.
  2. If you have anemia (Hemoglobin less than 12) you must visit your primary care provider for specific instructions on increasing your hemoglobin levels before surgery. Our surgeons do not provide guidance on treating your anemia as this would not be appropriate.

Your doctor should fax the complete medical clearance to 786-899 2764 or email it to or

All tests must be received by our office at least 14 days (2 Weeks) prior to surgery to avoid any cancelations.
Please do NOT purchase any plane tickets until you are fully cleared, if you do, make sure it’s a refundable ticket or that it can be rescheduled without fees. The same thing applies for your hotel or recovery home. We cannot guarantee the date of surgery if we do not have all medical clearance documents and full payment sent to us at least 14 days prior to your surgery date.

The entire team is dedicated to helping you in every way we can; if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 305-900-5310.

Once again thank you for choosing Pure Plastic Surgery.



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