What to do if you need to lose or gain weight for BBL surgery

Weight is a significant factor in plastic surgery qualifications and results, especially with the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure. Many plastic surgeons do not focus so much on the actual weight as they do the Body Mass Index (BMI) where weight is a factor along with height and often ethnicity. BMI estimates your weight relative to your height and in adults, it can range from underweight to severe obesity.

BMI ranges

Under 18.5 – underweight

Between 18.5 and 24.9 – healthy

Between 25-29.9 – overweight

Between 30-39.9 – obesity

40 plus – severely obese

BMI is a tool that board-certified surgeons use to help determine a patient’s ability to safely experience cosmetic surgery procedures. At PURE, BBL patients cannot have a BMI over 30 for Dr. Earle.

Most plastic surgeons have BMI requirements for safety reasons and to ensure the best chances to achieve the desired results. In some cases, patients may be told that their BMI is too high or too low for a BBL. This leads them to consider whether they need to gain or lose weight to qualify for surgery.

Significant excess fat during plastic surgery can cause complications. While there are risks to every plastic surgery procedure, surgeons will take every precaution to ensure the safest experience possible. If you find your BMI is too high for the elected surgery, it is important to consult with your general practitioner to work through the healthiest way to approach weight loss prior to BBL surgery. 

developing well-paced diet and exercise routine

1.Diet and exercise change

If you are looking to lose weight to qualify for a BBL procedure, consult with your general practitioner to discuss your options. For most, losing weight will begin with a recommendation to change or improve diet and exercise habits that best fit your body type and weight loss goals. This could include restricting calories and finding a workout routine that supports your needs.

2. Cut down on stress and improve sleep habits

Weight gain can be the result of many factors, including stress. Stress can alter hormones, which in turn can affect sleep and may cause weight gain. It is important to monitor stress levels and keep abreast of hormone levels as you work to lose weight. 

3. Create a Support System

Gaining weight is much easier than losing it, and it can take a team of support to help achieve desired results from family, friends, co-workers and fitness groups that can help with motivation and accountability.

Unless you’re underweight, there’s probably never a good time for a doctor to recommend that you gain weight. Obviously, if the patient is malnourished or recovering from an illness, eating more for sustenance to fight infection and improve wound healing, is a good idea.

If you are told that you are underweight for a traditional BBL, you may want to consult with your board-certified surgeon to review other options, such as a South Beach BBL (SoBeBl), which can be done with patients who have a BMI of 19-22. If you want more volume than a SoBeBl offers, then you should consult with your general practitioner or nutritionist to find the healthiest way to gain weight to qualify for the BBL procedure.


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