Wrinkles and fine lines in the face are common signs of aging. However, most people find these aging signs to be undesirable and try to find ways to reduce their appearance. Botox is an injectable treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the face. It can be used on both men and women to help smooth out the skin for a youthful appearance. Botox will be able to give you a reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles within a short 15-minute treatment.

Am I a Candidate for Botox?

Facial expressions lead to wrinkles, lines, and folds. Wrinkles and folds in the forehead and around the eyes can make you appear tired or even angry. One of the quickest ways to remedy wrinkles and folds is with an injection of botulinum toxin type A or Botox. You are a candidate for this procedure if you are in good health, have aging signs, and are not allergic to any ingredients used in Botox. By talking with your doctor, they will be able to let you know if you are a candidate for this procedure.

How Do I Prepare for Botox?

The best way to prepare for your Botox procedure is by following instructions given by your doctor. During an initial consultation, they will go over instructions for your Botox and the recovery time. This is to make sure that you are comfortable and knowledgeable prior to getting Botox.

What Does The Healing Process Consist of for Botox?

The healing period for Botox is quite simple. You can expect to experience some swelling, redness, and bruising at the injection sites. You must refrain from touching or massaging the area as this can move the Botox to other parts of the face. It can take up to a week for the side effects to subside and for Botox to settle.

Who Should I Consult With About Botox?

Botox is a very common treatment done for both men and women. To get the best Botox results, contact a trained physician who understands the anatomy of the face. Our team will work with you to ensure that we give you the best results.