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Pure Plastic Surgery

7265 SW 93rd Suite 201

Miami, Florida 33173

United States



Dr. Alex Earle Now the Sole Owner of Pure Plastic Surgery  

Miami, Florida— After years of experience in the industry, Dr. Alex Earle is now the primary owner and leader at the world-renowned plastic surgery Miami clinic Pure Plastic Surgery. He brings extensive training from some of the most highly qualified institutes in the business to his practice, offering personal and professional services for each new client.  

With plastic surgery and other such delicate procedures, it is important that patients ensure that the practice they work with is highly trained and qualified. This is particularly the case in Florida, as doctors who are not certified in plastic surgery can legally perform certain cosmetic procedures.  

Dr. Alex Earle is double board-certified in both plastic surgery and general surgery, making his practice one of the more reliable in the industry. A wide variety of cosmetic procedures can be performed at Pure Plastic Surgery, with special care for each and every one of their clients.  

Dr. Earle’s training and schooling at Princeton, New York and Duke University, three of the most impressive medical programs in the country, are a testament to the skill and knowledge that he can provide to each surgery he completes for his patients. Beyond his training and qualifications, he also focuses highly on listening to what the client has to say and supporting them every step of the way.  

One of the reasons that Dr. Alex Earle has grown to such widespread acclaim from current, past, and prospective clients is because of his dedication to attending to the individual needs of his patients. Each body is different, and each patient has different goals and desires that they wish to result from the operation. Knowing this, Dr. Earle takes time to understand and develop a personalized plan for each patient in his care.


With Smart Aesthetics and innovative practices, Dr. Earle delivers what each patient wants while remaining transparent and communicative at every step of the process. Nothing is kept hidden and no decision is made without the patient’s input and approval. Designing a surgery is a collaborative process and one that must be completed with open and honest communication between doctor and patient.  

With Dr. Alex Earle’s double board certification, years of experience, and dedication to client satisfaction, his new practice is expected to leave its clients satisfied with their final results. In taking the lead as the sole owner of the Pure Plastic Surgery clinic, Dr. Earle's reputation already has attracted numerous new clients.  

Contact Name: Dr. Alex Earle