What to expect to learn with this guide:

If you are considering a labiaplasty procedure, this guide will give you a rundown of everything you need to know to be prepared. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll understand the techniques used during a labiaplasty and exactly what will happen during your procedure. You’ll learn why a consultation is the first step to a successful procedure and why it’s important to choose a team you can trust. You’ll also learn what results you can expect to get from labiaplasty, how much time you’ll need to recover and what you can expect to happen at your follow-up appointments. Most importantly, you’ll find out how your labiaplasty can inspire confidence and get you back to your best shape. 

Labiaplasty Guide

Reasons for Labiaplasty:

There are several reasons you might need a touch-up in your downstairs department especially when it comes to your labia or lip-like area on the outside of your vagina. Natural aging, childbirth, weight gain and even heredity can cause your vagina to need a cosmetic pick me up. When it comes to your labia, large tissues can cause intercourse or physical movement and exercise to be painful. You may even notice you can see your labia in certain outfits or in swimwear. Labiaplasty can help even up and reduce the size of your labia. The procedure is a quick and easy way to restore the youthful appearance of your labia. Recovery is quick and the results are impressive. 

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What is A Labiaplasty?

Your labia is the lip-like area on the outside of your vagina. It is very common for these lips to be uneven, wrinkled or enlarged. If this area is enlarged, it can cause problems with certain clothing or with certain physical activities. It can actually be painful if the labia are very large. Uneven labia can feel unattractive to some women and be extremely bothersome to their self-confidence. Both of these issues can affect women from puberty through adulthood and especially after childbirth. You can have surgery on your major labia (lips on the outside) or more commonly on your minor labia (smaller lips beneath the major labia). The labiaplasty procedure can help your labia look smaller and more even. 

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Do I have choices for Labiaplasty?

When it comes to making choices about your most delicate area, you do have choices for your labiaplasty. During your consultation, your surgeon will meet with you to discuss the best options for your labiaplasty.

Some techniques for labiaplasty include:
  • Trim Procedure - The trim procedure cuts away the excess tissue of the inner labia ensuring that they are mostly equal in size and reduced. It can also remove the darker edges that women feel self conscious about. The trim technique is the most commonly used procedure.
  • Wedge Procedure - The newest labiaplasty procedure available, the surgeon will remove a V-shaped wedge from the labia and then stitch the remaining tissue together to form a smaller labia area. 

Other Procedures that may be performed with a Labiaplasty

  • Vaginoplasty - After childbirth, women complain a lot about feeling looser, pain during sexual activity or that their tampon falls out. This sensation is called vaginal laxity. This occurs from the stretching of muscles and tissues to accommodate child birth. To remedy this feeling, the vaginoplasty procedure helps tighten up the tissues and muscle and remove extra skin from inside and outside of the vagina. The results can help sexual feel more pleasant and the vagina look more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Hoodectomy - Also known as clitoral head reduction, this procedure can help remove excess skin from on top of the clitoris. In some women, the skin can form in a hood-like position over the clitoris impeding stimulation during sex. Reducing this tissue can help you look more aesthetically pleasing and increase stimulation and the ability to orgasm.
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    Also known as clitoral head reduction, this procedure can help remove excess skin from on top of the clitoris. In some women, the skin can form in a hood-like position over the clitoris impeding stimulation during sex. Reducing this tissue can help you look more aesthetically pleasing and increase stimulation and the ability to orgasm.
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    Mons pubis rejuvenation - This procedure helps target the area of skin in front of the pubic bone. After childbirth or after you’ve gained weight, this area can stick out and be noticeably plump in comparison to how this region looked before you gained the weight. If you’ve had a tummy tuck, this area can also stick out after the procedure if not taken care of at the same time. A Mons pubis rejuvenation procedure may use liposuction to suction out excess fat or a mons lift to tighten the area and remove excess skin.
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    Non-Invasive Radio Wave Technology - Now, a non-invasive technique can help tighten, tone and remove fat from under the skin. The procedure does not require surgery and uses a special tool to break up the fat cells within the body, leaving behind a more sculpted appearance. 
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A consultation before areola reduction is very important. Your surgeon will ask questions about what bothers you most about your areola. You’ll be given details about what you can expect from surgery, measurements will be taken and your surgeon will go over the best options for you to get the best results. You’ll see pictures from other before and after surgeries and you can get a good idea of what what you can expect based on sketches by the surgeon

Am I a Candidate for Labiaplasty?

There are many reasons you might feel it’s time to rejuvenate your labia. If you’re seeing any of the following, a labiaplasty procedure may be a perfect fit for your needs:
  • Finished having children (Though physically labiaplasty won’t affect childbearing, pregnancy and childbirth carry the possibility of stretching the labia once again.)
  • Have labia that are uneven or bothersome
  • Have excess tissue that can be seen in swimwear or while wearing certain outfits 
  • If pain with exercise 
  • chevron-right
    Noticed a change in the way sex feels
  • chevron-right
    When you’re unhappy with the dark color of your labia
  • chevron-right
    Any time you’re having issues in the bedroom
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    You’ve got a loss of self confidence

What should I expect at my consultation?

A consultation is a great way to hash out your wishes and worries before your labiaplasty. Your surgeon will listen to what is bothering you about your labia. Then, they’ll outline the procedures that may work to get you the desired result you wish to see. If you’re a candidate for surgery, measurements may be taken and an outline given to you about what to expect next.

Bring the following with you to your consultation: 
  • Your complete health history information
  • A list of questions and concern about your procedure
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What will happen before, during and after my surgery?

If you elect to have a labiaplasty procedure, there are several things you can do to prepare before your procedure.

Before your surgery, you’ll want to do the following: 
  • 1
    Book a consultation with your surgeon
  • 2
    Take care of all physicals and pap smears
  • 3
    Finish all childbearing to garner the best results
  • 4
    Set up appropriate childcare for during your surgery and recovery time
  • 5
    Find a ride to and from surgery
Prior to surgery, you’ll want to follow any instructions from your surgery center. This may include:
  • Avoiding aspirin
  • Abstaining from smoking
  • check
    Washing with a special soap
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    Avoiding eating or drinking after midnight
 DURING labiaplasty AT OUR surgery center YOU CAN TYPICALLY Expect: 
  • 1
    You’ll most likely be given general anesthesia to avoid any pain during surgery. Your anesthesiology team will come and explain everything to you about this procedure.
  • 2
    Next, your surgeon will begin the process of your female cosmetic surgery. Depending on which technique you choose, your surgeon will use the trim method to reduce the labia size or the wedge technique.
  • 3
    Once you’re procedure is finished, your surgeon will finish with the appropriate disposable sutures.
  • 4
    When surgery is complete, you’ll be moved to a recovery area and monitored.
  • 5
    You’ll go home the day of your surgery.
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After surgery, you can expect the following for your care:
  • You’ll be monitored while you wake up from anesthesia
  • Your care nurse will then give you special instructions for your care and the maintenance of your incisions
  • You’ll be able to go home once cleared
As with any surgery, you’ll want to monitor for various side effects:
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Check Square
    The signs of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) 
  • Fever, this warrants a trip to the ER  
  • Check Square
    Bleeding or Infection at the incision site
  • Signs of infection 
  • Check Square
    Unusual drainage from any incision sites 
  • Check Square
    A feeling that something isn’t right 
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    Excessive pain, redness or swelling
  • Check Square
    Pain in other parts of the body 
  • Check Square
    Incisions that don’t heal completely

Labiaplasty REcovery

You’ll have some swelling after your procedure, as well as, pain and bruising. You’ll be given ice to reduce the swelling and pain medicine to help you heal.  You’ll want to rest as much as possible after your surgery. You’ll also be given instructions for care like using a special bottle or Sitz bath to help you heal. Your recovery time should take about two weeks with full healing occurring about one month out. You’ll most likely resume sexual activity after your 6-week follow up appointment.

Results, Maintenance & Follow up

Once swelling goes down, you’ll love the results of your labiaplasty surgery. Your vaginal area will look very pretty and you’ll be surprised by the difference you feel with the results. You’ll definitely have a follow-up appointment to check on your healing following surgery. 

Who should I consult for a labiaplasty procedure?

Though some women can feel self-conscious about having surgery on this area, it’s important that you feel empowered and more confident by making the choice to better your body. You’ll want a fully-trained plastic surgeon to perform your surgery. No matter which procedure you choose, the caring staff will make sure you’re comfortable for the entire procedure. 

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