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How Much Do You Know About Plastic Surgery? Take Our Quiz!

Plastic surgery seems to be everywhere these days. More people—celebrities and individuals from all walks of life—are more willing to talk about getting plastic surgery or nonsurgical cosmetic treatments. They feel more confident in their appearance, and the stigma that once surrounded cosmetic plastic surgery is eroding. At our plastic surgery practice in Miami, we see women and men interested in procedures ranging from liposuction and facelifts to Brazilian butt lifts and rhinoplasty.

But even as plastic surgery is discussed much more often, the field still remains somewhat of a mystery to many people. So, we thought you might want to test your knowledge of plastic surgery with questions about the procedures themselves and who is getting cosmetic treatments.

And if you’re thinking about getting cosmetic surgery, you can request a consultation using the online form or call us at (305) 230-4326 to schedule an appointment.


There’s a time in your life where you need a boost, a fresh start, and a way to take control of things. We all have features about ourselves we want to change on the outside and it can affect us on the inside.

Pure’s goal is to give people a chance to make smart choices that lead to the results that will empower and inspire them to reach their dreams. Pure is led by Dr. S. Alexander Earle, who performs a wide range of procedures with an incredibly high rate of customer satisfaction.

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