Back Lift

Achieve a More Sculpted Silhouette 

Feeling self-conscious about loose skin or unflattering bulges along your back? Don’t let those concerns get you down or limit your wardrobe choices. At PURE Plastic Surgery, a back lift can help you regain your confidence by creating a smoother, more sculpted profile. Whether you’re looking to enhance your contours after weight loss or defy the effects of gravity, our board-certified plastic surgeons can bring your vision to life with skill and expertise. 

What Is a Back Lift?

A back lift, or a back lipectomy, is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess skin and fat from the back to sculpt a firmer, more balanced figure. Back lifts are often sought by individuals who have loose, hanging skin due to significant weight loss, aging or genetic factors. Back lifts have a high satisfaction rate among patients and can dramatically improve your appearance, giving your upper body more streamlined contours. This surgery may be combined with liposuction or other body lift procedures to help you achieve more comprehensive results. 

What Concerns Can a Back Lift Treat?

Back lift surgery eliminates excess skin on the top and bottom half of the back. When used to tighten loose skin above the waist and near the bra line, it’s sometimes called a bra-line back lift. When addressing sagging skin around the waist and love handles, it may be referred to as a lower back lift. This surgical procedure can address hanging skin anywhere on the back to improve the definition of your contours and accentuate your curves.    A back lift is commonly used to address the following concerns:   

  • Sagging, loose skin in the upper and lower back
  • The appearance of a “bra bulge”
  • Back rolls caused by excess skin and fat
  • Irritation caused by sagging skin
  • Clothing that doesn’t fit well
  • Improving body shape and contours

  Depending on your needs and treatment goals, a back lift can be performed as a standalone procedure, included as part of a larger body lift surgical plan, or combined with other procedures such as liposuction of the back, a breast lift or brachioplasty (arm lift) to help you achieve more sculpted contours. 

Combination Procedures

Back Lift + Breast Lift with Implants

Transform your silhouette with this combination surgery, which includes a back lift and a breast lift with implants. Together, these procedures can dramatically rejuvenate your figure by removing loose, sagging skin from the back and enhancing breast shape and volume, creating beautifully balanced contours and a more youthful upper body appearance. 

Back Lift + Lower Body Lift 

This extensive body contouring option pairs a back lift with a lower body lift, which includes firming and tightening the back, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who have excess skin in the upper and lower body areas after substantial weight loss. This procedure helps create a smoother, more cohesive body line from the shoulders to the thighs, enhancing overall body symmetry and balance.

Back Lift + Liposuction

For those seeking more defined body contours, combining a back lift with liposuction is an excellent choice. This procedure allows for the removal of stubborn fat not only on the back but in other problem areas, such as the abdomen, hips or thighs. It enhances the results of the back lift by further refining your body shape to create slimmer, more toned contours. 

Back Lift + Arm Lift

Combining a back lift with an arm lift is ideal for individuals who have loose skin on the back and arms that can’t be addressed through exercise alone. A back lift tightens and smooths the skin along the back, while an arm lift focuses on reducing excess skin and fat between the underarm and elbow. The result is a more toned and proportionate appearance of the upper body, enhancing both comfort and confidence in one’s appearance.

Ideal Candidates for Back Lift Surgery

Back lift surgery is best suited for individuals who are looking to address excess skin and localized fat deposits on their back, typically the result of massive weight loss, aging or genetic factors. Ideal candidates for back lift surgery include those who are:  

  • At a stable weight
  • In good overall health
  • Non-smokers, or willing to quit
  • Realistic about the outcome of surgery
  • Bothered by their upper body contours
  • Looking to put the “finishing touches” on their weight loss journey 

  During an in-person or virtual consultation, our experienced and qualified plastic surgeons will evaluate your needs, goals and desired results to determine if a back lift is right for you. If you’re interested in this procedure, get started today by using our online virtual consultation tool

How Does Back Lift Surgery Work?

Back lift surgery is performed at our state-of-the-art surgical facility in Miami, Florida. You will be given general anesthesia to keep you comfortable during your procedure. A back lift typically takes a few hours to complete, but this can vary depending on your needs and goals. Combining a back lift with other body contouring procedures will add time to your surgery.

To remove excess skin along the back, your surgeon will carefully mark the incision sites before surgery. The exact length and placement of your incisions will depend on the areas being addressed, the technique used and how much tissue is being removed. After the incisions are made, loose skin will be eliminated and the tissues will be tightened or repositioned. Liposuction may also be used to get rid of stubborn fat and contour the area further.

Once a sufficient amount of loose skin has been excised, your incisions will be closed and you’ll be brought to a recovery area to be monitored as the effects of anesthesia wear off. You’ll be able to return home the same day as your surgery, but will need to arrange for transportation with a responsible friend or family member. Out-of-town patients won’t be able to travel outside of Miami for at least a week after surgery to attend the required day-five post-op evaluation. 

Back Lift Recovery

Recovery from back lift surgery requires careful adherence to our post-op guidelines to ensure optimal healing and results. Our team will provide you with complete recovery instructions. After surgery, some pain and discomfort are expected in treated areas — medication will be prescribed to help manage these symptoms. Rest is crucial during the first few days, though gentle movement and walking are encouraged to reduce the risk of blood clots.

You’ll need to wear compression garments for at least one month following your back lift procedure, especially if liposuction was performed. Compression garments promote skin retraction and tightening, reduce swelling and help the tissues adhere to your new contours. Most patients can return to work (with restrictions) and light activities seven to 14 days after surgery, although more strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least six weeks.

Follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your post-op progress, remove sutures and address any concerns you may have. Your first follow-up occurs five days after surgery. Your next appointment will be six weeks later (virtual or in person), then another at six months. If you have any questions or concerns in the interim, please contact our office! At PURE, our goal is to ensure that you achieve optimal results and a smooth, stress-free recovery.  

“Had an incredible experience with Dr. Vidal and the Pure staff! From the first consultation to post-op care, each step was handled with [the] utmost professionalism. The Pure Team listened to my concerns, explained the procedure thoroughly, and ensured my comfort and confidence throughout. Sissi, Ashley, Sarah, Jessica 💕💕 and of course Dr. Vidal [all] have my heart! They exceeded my expectations! Thank you for this incredible experience and for your expertise and commitment to patient safety. Highly recommend! Beyond happy with my results! 😊

– Andrea M.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Back lift surgery can dramatically improve your appearance by eliminating excess skin and fat to create a more sculpted, balanced figure. You can expect firmer, smoother contours and improved definition in the upper and lower back. The results of a back lift are considered permanent, but it is possible for new sagging to occur due to aging or weight fluctuations.

You’ll notice a difference in your body contours immediately after surgery, but your final outcome will become more apparent as swelling decreases over the next three to six months. Your incision lines will also fade during this time but may not disappear completely. Our surgeons take great care to place incisions in areas that can be concealed by clothing, and you’ll be given instructions on how to care for your incisions to help minimize the visibility of scarring. 

Maintaining Your Results

A healthy lifestyle is crucial for maintaining the results of your back lift. Attending your follow-up appointments with your surgeon will also ensure that your recovery is progressing smoothly and that your long-term results are as expected. At PURE, we’re committed to supporting you throughout your recovery journey and helping you achieve lasting satisfaction with your new contours.

Transform Your Body Contours at PURE

If you’re ready to eliminate loose skin and sculpt a more balanced figure, a back lift at PURE might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Our experienced team of board-certified plastic surgeons is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with personalized treatment plans, cutting-edge techniques and a level of patient care you won’t find elsewhere. Schedule a consultation today to discover how a back lift can transform your upper body contours. Get started by calling our Miami office at 786-245-7622 or using our virtual consultation tool.



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